The 3 days of the summit

Desertif’actions 2022
From October 05 to 07 in Montpellier

Final deliverables

Synthesis – Online consultation
Synthesis – Download
Final report (french)

The International Civil Society Summit.

The international summit of civil society in Montpellier began with 3 days of conferences from 05 to 07 October 2022. These days were punctuated by plenary sessions, roundtables, workshops … objectives of these days were to exchange , to find solutions and to put forward agroecology as a tool to solve many ecological, economic and social problems…. But also, to ensure a better resilience toward  the crises we are facing and will continue to face.

day 1

Plenary Sessions

Opening session

International negotiations on land: issues and perspectives  

The opportunities of Agroecology for development in drylands  

Presentation  – Laurent Levard, GTAE
Presentation – Jerome Enjalbert, CARI
Presentation – Emile Frison, IPES Food
Presentation – Eric Scopel, CIRAD
Presentation – Dario Lucantoni, FAO

Barriers and levers to the deployment of agroecology 

day 2

Workshops in parallel sessions 

Agroecology at the service of economic development in the territories
Presentation – Bruno Losch, CIRAD
Presentation – Simon Baliteau, Agrisud International
Presentation – Pietro Carpena, Tree Aid

Agroecology to preserve the health of the environment 
Presentation – Nahid Naghizadeh, CENESTA
Presentation – Bernard Bonnet, IRAM 
PresentationTekalign Ayisse Messore, ISD

Agroecology for a better quality of life
Presentation – Compilation

Agroecology, an asset for resilience in crisis situations 
Tolotra Ranaivoharimanana, CTAS 
Présentation – Aurélie Binot, CIRAD
Presentation – Emilie Perrousset, GIZ/ProSoil

day 3

Topics / Themes

What progress and public policy initiatives in favor of the agroecological transition?

Restitution of group work 

Agroecology for the economic development of territories
Agroecology to preserve the health of the environment
Agroecology for a better quality of life
Agroecology as an asset for resilience in crisis situations 

Open dialogue civil society – donors / decision makers 

Parallel Panels – Relevant Policy Frameworks for Agroecological Transitions
Panel 1 – Local governments and their international initiatives
Panel 2 – The Great Green Wall initiative, prospects for achieving the objectives by 2030 

Presentation – Moussa Halilou, CNCOD-ReSaD 
Presentation – Ange Mboneye, SOS Sahel
Presentation – Fatou Mar, OSS
Presentation – Patrick Worms, ICRAF