Desertif'actions 2015

International Civil Society Summit 2015
June 10-13, 2015 in Montpellier, France

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International Civil Society Summit 2015

In 2015, no less than 300 participants met in France, in the heart of the city of Montpellier to address the issue of land and climate. It was under the slogan “Stand for your lands NOW!” that the second edition of Désertif’actions was held. 

One week before the International Day to Combat Desertification, celebrated each year on June 17, this edition brought together 300 international development actors representing 57 countries. D’a15 centralized 28 interventions in plenary sessions and a dozen workshops on three topics: “Desertification and land degradation”, “Synergy between the Rio Conventions” and “Challenges of a plural and organized civil society”. The results and contributions of Desertif’actions 2015 were included in a declaration that was presented at the Conferences of the Parties of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Ankara and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris at the end of 2015.

Desertif'Actions 2015 in video