Desertif'actions 2022

Preparatory phase / COP15 Abidjan / International Civil Society Summit

Desertif'actions 2022

Photo illustration Désertif'actions 2022

Desertif’actions 2022 is based on a multi-stakeholder dynamic throughout the year and organized in 3 phases: a first preparatory phase, between January and April, which allowed to highlight the first elements of consultation through the administration of an online questionnaire, national workshops in 17 countries, and an international webinar; a second phase of structured contribution to the UNCCD COP 15 in Abidjan in May; and the organization of an international summit in October in Montpellier. 

The entire Désertif’actions 2022 dynamic has focused on promoting agroecology as a solution to inspire agricultural transitions in the territories, considering the major benefits on the environment, food security and local development in dry areas.



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