Desertif'actions 2017

International Civil Society Summit 2017
From June 27 to 28 in Strasbourg, France

International Civil Society Summit 2017

Co-organized with the association Climate Chance and the Convention to Combat Desertification, and with the support of the city of Strasbourg, this 3rd edition orchestrated by the CARI has consolidated the inseparable link between the climate and desertification agendas. “Land degradation and climate change: time to act! 

By reducing the plenary sessions to a minimum, this edition offered the opportunity to nearly 200 participants to get to the bottom of the issues by addressing a dozen themes in workshops: adaptation, territory, land, water, gender, knowledge, migration, oases, financing, decentralized cooperation, initiatives (4/1000 and GMV). Numerous points of convergence and possible synergies were identified, thus drawing a roadmap of actions to be carried out on the ground, and political messages to be conveyed during the next international meetings.

Desertif'Actions 2017 Speakers in video