Themed Workshops

Désertif’actions 2019 proposes 4 themed workshops : Civil society and Great green wall, Pastoralism in Drylands, Land Property and Neutrality and Multi usage of water in arid areas.

AXE 1 – Civil society and GGWSSI

For several years, the Great Green Wall for Sahara and Sahel Initiative (GGWSSI) has been growing and has now become an essential feature on the African continent.

While the number of stakeholders involved in this initiative is increasing each year, more still needs to be done to improve the understanding and implementation of such a cross- sectional initiative (Land, Biodiversity, Climate). The themed workshop will therefore aim to continue the dialogue on possible collaborations between civil society and the GGWSSI.

To this end, work will focus on popularising the GGWSSI results framework produced by the African Union, in order to identify ways in which Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) field projects can contribute to this Initiative.

The workshop will also seek to better unite CSOs around this Initiative by developing a roadmap identifying the work that needs to be carried out in each country.

AXE 2 – Pastoralism in Drylands and Combating Desertification

In arid and semi-arid areas, systems based on livestock mobility are an example of natural resources exploitation and development adapted to environmental conditions.

Continuing the work undertaken by Réseau Sahel Désertification (Desertification Sahel Network) on cross-border pastoralism in 2017 and 2018, this workshop aims to explore the different ways to support the introduction of sustainable pastoralism, consistent with environmental issues, biodiversity protection and desertification combat.

It will draw on the various existing international pastoralist networks such as Réseau Billital Maroobé (RBM), Association pour la Promotion de l’Elevage au Sahel et en Savane (APESS), and the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism (WISP), and on pastoralist organisations at a country level.

AXE 3 – Land Property and Neutrality

Goal 15, target 15.3 of the SDGs wants to achieve a land degradation-neutral world and is strongly supported by the UNCCD. The member countries have committed themselves to set up neutral targets and then develop and plan action to achieve them. In the long term, significant land pressure is to be feared, with an increased risk of land grabbing.

This workshop will answer to two questions:

  • What place for civil society organizations and local authorities in national plans to rehabilitate land ?
  • What guidance tools could be implemented to ensure a fair land management ?

AXE 4 – Multi usage of water in arid areas

Water is central in all human activities from the satisfaction of our vital needs, domestic and agricultural usages (irrigation, livestock watering, etc.), to industrial and artisanal activities, without forgetting ecosystems needs. A great diversity of actors corresponds to each of these usages while an important partitioning among them persists.

Due to lesser resources availability caused by climate change and a greater pressure of each of these usages, competition between them has dramatically increased. Considering the increasing number of conflicts that are emerging because of this competition, the very concept of the multi usage of water in arid zones makes perfect sense.

The workshop will focus on the identification of possible synergies between water sectors that could improve their management and efficiency. The same effort will be needed concerning the implementation of these dynamics regarding actual knowledge on water resources.

Désertif’actions 2019 Program

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