Results Desertif’actions 2022 – Step 1 & 2

Together with the Sahara and Sahel Observatory, CARI organised an event in the Africa Pavilion of COP15 to present Desertif’actions to around 50 participants. This event was an opportunity to present the results of the consultations carried out between February and April 2022 (online questionnaire, national workshops, international webinar), which were synthesised by the OSS team with the support of CARI, in a collection of guidance sheets on agroecology.

Factsheet Agroecology and Biodiversity

Factsheet Agroecology and Drought

Factsheet Agroecology and Climate change

Factsheet Agroecology and One Health Approach

Factsheet Agroecology and Great Green Wall

Factsheet Agroecology and Ecosystem Restauration

Factsheet Agroecology and Food Security

Factsheet Agroecology and Land Degradation Neutrality

These documents and the three position papers finalised following the international webinar were used in the preparation of the joint CSO statements read in the different sessions of the COP15.

Position paper :

One of the official sessions of the COP15, allowing for an open dialogue between Parties and civil society organisations, was organised on the theme “Agroecological approaches and regenerative agricultural practices as a solution for positive transformative change, to achieve land degradation neutrality and address desertification, land degradation and drought”. This session was built on the results of Desertif’actions 2022.

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