National Workshops 2022

CARI proposes that its partners and civil society organizations involved in sustainable land management and the promotion of agroecology consult and develop common positions in the run-up to the UNCCD COP15 in May 2022.

The national workshops will be held in the first quarter of 2022.

In order that the results of the country workshops can be shared and consolidated to develop a collective international argument, the CARI proposes a guide to facilitate with questions to be addressed in each workshop.

Workshop Deliverables

In order to mutualize all the elements produced in the countries, we are waiting for a report, of which a sample format is available below.

This report must be received by CARI no later than March 31, 2022 to be incorporated into the preparation of the international webinar to be held in April 2022.

The main themes of work

Eight work themes are proposed, related to the land-related issues that are the subject of political discussion in particular in the framework of the UNCCD.

CARI provides national advocacy workshop organizers with explanatory notes on each of the eight themes:

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