Desertif’actions 2006

2006 – The 1st edition of a multi-actors summit dedicated to lands

Since the mid-90s, CARI association has put a lot of efforts into the establishment of the Desertification Convention.

In 1996, while the Desertification Convention was not ratified yet, CARI took the initiative of the first gathering of euro-mediterranean NGO that combat desertification. This meeting was an important call to push for the establishment of the Convention, it helped for the mobilization of french actors (scientists, NGO).

In December 1996, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification was born.

Désertif’actions 2006 in Montpellier

For the 10 year anniversary of the ratification of Desertification Convention, 2006 was declared the international year for the combat against desertification. A decade after the birth of UNCCD, the convention offered many opportunities but wasn’t really connecting with the stakeholders.

This is why Désertif’actions 2006 positioned itself as the answer of the lack of operational dynamic of the convention.

With its multi-actors approach, Désertif’actions 2006 helped to narrow the distance between civil society and Desertification Convention in order for civil society to apprehend it better. It was also the occasion to deepen the collaboration with the scientists of the Desertification French Scientific Committee (CSFD)

Supported by the french Ecology Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the French Strategy to combat desertification was adopted in 2007.

Key elements of this 1st edition

  • Didactic exhibition « Living in Drylands ».
  • Edition of an Almanac « Living in Drylands » based on testimonies and nomad children drawings.

Download 2006 edition documents

  • Declaration (available soon)
  • Final report (available soon)
  • Almanach
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