Call for posters

Désertif’actions launches a «call for posters » in order to highlight participants’ initiatives through a poster exposition during the summit.

Posters categories concerned:

  1. Scientific posters on desertification combat (recent progress, outcomes of innovative technical knowledge, perspectives)
  2. Posters on current desertification combat initiatives (innovative approach on conservation and restoration of lands, on multi-actor initiatives etc.)
  3. Posters on terminated and assessed projects (outcomes, lessons learned, recommendations)
  4. Advocacy posters, addressed to decision-makers, in favor of desertification combat (messages with an argumentation)

The process:

  1. Send an application with the following elements:
    1. The organization that applies (quick presentations, contact of the person in charge)
    2. The poster’s category (1 to 4)
    3. The poster’s title
    4. The main message(s)
    5. The geographical area concerned
    6. A summary of the poster (around 200 words)

… before May the 06th to

  1. Posters are selected by a committee composed of Désertif’actions organizers (CARI, SPONG)
  2. Feedback on applications before May the 24th, 2019

Each organization has to come to Désertif’actions with its printed (or drawn) poster in A0 format (841 mm on 1189 mm) with eyelets on four corners. A representative will have to physically be at Désertif’actions to present the poster and exchange with the participants during the 4 days.

Organizers will provide an exposition area that will be inaugurated the very first day with officials.

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